A Christmas full of joy

An organization should not only think of itself because it also has a duty towards the society that it thrives in. To show its sense of bonding and thankfulness, it should involve in various social activities, it should associate itself with other foundations that can do good to the society like hosting camps. This should be the another face of every company.
I think I have conveyed my thoughts.

Hello, Everyone, I am Sridhar Bahubali
I am a Film Making Intern at Akartha
It has been Around 1.5 years since the company started, but the blog concept started recently.
This blog is all about a candid conversation between you and me, First of all, I’ll tell you guys how I came to Akartha.

Basically, I’m from a rural area from the northern part of Karnataka but, I’m tech savvy and so are most guys from my place.
I was (am) very interested in film making and so to pursue a career in film making I came to Bangalore and joined one of the most elite colleges here.
But even the best colleges can only TEACH YOU THEORY but to gain that industry experience while studying, an internship is the best place. It also is the best place to innovate and experiment with new things.
And Akartha is a melting pot for such an opportunity for students to learn, So I applied at Akartha as an intern and now I have found what I always wanted to do.
Now I’ll be telling you how I spent my first Christmas in Akartha.

This Christmas was a memorable day for me as for the first time in my life I spent with beautiful little Souls in DESIRE SOCIETY (An NGO for HIV infected children).
The is the first time where is saw something like this, Our views entirely change when we meet kids and we start realizing how valuable our life is, While we learned a lot from them and What I learned the most was how not to have a barrier around our dream.

While we were initially confused about what can we do with the kids and started to work on their likes and dislikes we planned to conduct a drawing competition while kids participated with full of enthusiasm and Theme was “Draw your dream” it’s because we could know more about them if we know what is their dream After looking at this magical power of art which can unify humanity across age.
We got to know that “Art can change the world”

I wonder how this desire society can maintain so many kids as we tremble to handle a handful of kids at our house’s we would like to appreciate their work on how they nurture every individual depending on their interests

Watch the video to experience the event

To go ahead on the project this just did not become a one-day event and now Akartha has taken the initiative to conduct art classes at their organization, Everyone can volunteer depending on their interest and availability if you want to volunteer in our upcoming initiatives you can write to Info@akartha.com.

Till then take care.
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