Welcoming 2020 Virtual Summer Internship

Welcoming 2020 Virtual Summer Internship

Due to this pandemic outbreak of coronavirus most of the public and private sector employees have been working from home.”New challenges, new opportunities, new family members”. As a creative agency, we have opened our virtual internship. It is a platform for students to explore new opportunities.

The covid-19 situation has helped us to think in a different direction as work from home shall be a new normal. Our main motto of virtual summer internship is to empower youth with new opportunities and develop their creativity and leadership capabilities.

Now let’s come to what our interns can expect due their work period. The first and foremost thing is breaking your own nutshell and thinking out of their comfort zone. To make themselves moulded perfectly in this industry they have to come out of the cocoon and start knowing the different approaches of various disciplines. They should also look forward to learning new things always. That’s why each day, we give interns a daily feedback on their work, share references, and share relevant online courses for their role so that they learn new things. Passion and determination are like companions to reach the peak of your career. We have always believed in working with versatile sectors and experimenting with new ideas.

We always believe there is a possibility of a fresh perspective that comes with interns. It’s not only about Interns learning from us - but also we collaborate with them and know where the youth today are coming from. Their mindset.

We’ve created a digital onboarding process and virtual orientation process with remote working that can help the interns connect with us and get as many opportunities as they would have got when they would have been here at our office. Working remotely and shaping our works is also a new experience for us. And we are looking forward to experiencing this ‘new normal’ with a bunch of new-age creative minds who are ready to expand their horizons. We believe that for a powerful mindset, every obstacle is an opportunity. We respect every individual’s work life balance. So interning from home provides them a possibility to work according to their comfortable working hours. Connecting over Whatsapp, Hangouts, several conference calls and with proper usage of technology we can bridge the communication gap.

It is unfortunate that we can’t have you physically in our office space due to this challenging situation. We wish we could share a hot cup of filter coffee with you in the evening and know you better, which we are awaiting.

But still we would like to give a warm welcome to all our 2020 summer interns. Thank you for joining us and we hope you have a fun experience with us.

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