E-Arogya Kendra



AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company that creates everyday
essentials. With their leading paints and coating company, Dulux,
they supply a range of innovative products and sustainable technologies.
Essential protection and colour to industries and consumers.
AkzoNobel India has initiated using Artificial Intelligence and
modern technology
to start Tele Medicine/Digital health clinics for villagers residing in
suburbs of
Bengaluru. Remote location severely affected the healthcare of
the villagers. This E-Health Clinic provides health care
for more than 1500 villagers across six villages.
AckzoNobel India had set up E-Arogkyakendra in a village called Begur in Karnataka, where the idea was to develop and simplify the process of interaction between patients and physicians in the rural areas of India through internet and electronic tools. This can make the life of people in rural areas easier and they also get access to easy and quality healthcare services. They wanted an ad film (a CSR Project) that can express their motive behind setting up E-Arogyakendra to people.
We created a film for the digital space that runs for
4 minutes 20 seconds with a story narrative set in rural India that focuses on the challenges faced by the people in rural areas regarding healthcare. The film is in Kannada (with English subtitles) because the  village where the E-Arogyakendra was set up speaks the local language, i.e., Kannada. And most importantly, it is inspired by true events. As it was a CSR project, we didn’t forget to mention the importance of education in rural areas through the narrative.