Oye FASTag


Blackbuck, founded in 2015, is a logistics company who has been a pioneer 
in taking the trucking operations online from offline, through the Boss app,
with a clientele ranging from Amul and Asian Paints to Tata Steel, Coco-Cola 
and Unilever. Thus, when FASTag, an e-toll collection was being mandatory 
in India, drivers who had to buy. 
Blackbuck wanted an ad film of a minute only that can convey the importance of Fastag, but at the same time can also speak about what Blackbuck has to offer through Fastag and also most importantly something that is relavent to the truck owners and make them download or visit their Boss app and order Fastag.
We came up with a simple yet lively idea and created an ad film that can build a point of relation with the target audience. We made sure to have the element of Indian-ness in the ad. But at the same time it held enough meaning and inclusiveness for the truck drivers and fleet owners, i.e., the target audience. We also had to keep in mind about the branding and communicate the promotional offers - all through one ad film of only 1 minute. Thus, the small details right from the concept ideation, copy to production, we had to look out for every detail  including the look and feel communicated through the tone and colour of the film.