Khatabook is an organisation that set up a digital android app with the same 
name that can enable small businesses to digitally record the credit they
extend to their customers.
This app is meant to bring the ease of small business owners.
Khatabook approached us for a campaign that can stand out from what they have made or what their competitors are making - something that can discuss about the app’s features briefly - and something that shows how Khatabook can come as a problem solver for small businesses.
We thoroughly did a competitive analysis and days of brainstorming to come up with an experimenting concept and storyline in a 1-minute ad film that can break the clutter and standout. We made sure that it connects well to the emotions of the target audience. And in order to do that we first had to understand the problems of the target audience, for which we went to different Kirana stores, met the owners and asked them about the problems; so that we can take real life scenarios and examples which will easily build relatability and connectivity with
the target audience.