Khatabook is an organisation that set up a digital android app with the same 
name that can enable small businesses to digitally record the credit they
extend to their customers.
This app is meant to bring the ease of small business owners.
Khatabook has approached us for a campaign in the times of lockdown. They wanted the advertisement be a little unique from others which can portray there brand values , specially in the time of Covid 19 outbreak. Something that can discuss idea and the benefits of using the Khatabook app.
When there is a will, there is always a way. Due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 we all are staying inside a safe zone and trying to avoid human contact to stop the cluster spreading. But did you think when you are paying something by cash there is a huge chance of human contamination? Keeping this factor in mind we thought of introducing the UPI  facilities for this particular app. When one uses this app the customers can actually pay by UPI without exchange of cash