Sparsh Masala


Established in 2005, Sparsh Masala is a trusted provider of quality products 
in the masala and spices industry in the southern region of India.


During the Covid-19 outbreak, Sparsh Masala approached us for a TVC that could resonate with the standards of its competitors.

There was a great challenge during the Covid-19 outbreak and it was that everyone had to work from home. At that hour of crisis, producing a TVC was challenging But our enormously dedicated team pulled off the entire TVC right from the research and ideation to complete design and 48 hours, that too from home maintaining all the guidelines for social media. We researched thoroughly about other brands and we came up with an idea that can be short and crispy and quick to execute. And the result is an animated 15 seconds TVC with the right sound and elements in the visual frames (for example, keeping the traditional hand-used grinder to churn the spices as it is still used in some households till date) that could resonate well with the target audience.